Radiation Therapy & Support

Louis R. Milavickas, PH.D., graduated from St. Mary’s College with a B.A. in Physics. He earned a M.S. degree in Physics from the University of Tennessee and a PH. D. in Radiation Biophysics from the University of Kansas. Dr. Milavickas is ceritifed in Therapeutic and Medical Nuclear Physics by the American Board of Radiology; and he is also certified by the American Board of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology Physics. Dr. Milavickas is a State of Ohio Certified Expert in the therapeutic area. He also serves as a Clinical Assistant of Medical Radiation Biophysics in Radiology for the Northeastern Ohio Medical University. His responsibilities include equipment calibration, quality assurance, radiation safety and compliance with state and federal regulations. He also consults with the physicians, dosimetrists and therapists concerning patient treatments and dosimetry.

Cynthia O. Holt, C.M.D.,R.T.(R) (T), is a graduate of the Akron City Hospital School of Radiologic Technology and the Aultman Hospital School of Radiation Therapy. She received her certification from the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board in 1991. Cynthia has worked mainly as a medical dosimetrist for the Practice since 1988 and is proficient in all aspects of dosimetry.

Desiree Sanders, R.T.(R) (T), has been a radiation therapist since 2004. Her duties include delivering radiation treatments, overseeing CT simulations, ultrasound localization and assisting with management duties. Before joining the Cancer Care Center Desiree worked at Akron City Hospital. Ms. Sanders is a graduate of Sharon Regional School of Radiography and the Community College of Allegheny County with a certificate in radiation therapy.

Christine Allison, R.T.(R)(T), started her medical career in 1974 after graduating from Choffin School of Practical Nursing. She worked at Humility of Mary Health Partnrs in Youngstown for ten years as an LPN. Christine attended Indiana Vocational College and graduated with an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology and the Cleveland Clinic School for Radiation Therapy. Christine has been working in radiation therapy since 1990. Christine’s responsibilities include delivering radiation treatments, IGRT, and simulations.

Shirley J. Vernon, RT(T), is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor Degree in Radiologic & Imaging Science with a concentration in radiation therapy. Her responsibilities include delivering radiation treatments as prescribed the physicians, IGRT and simulations. Shirley previously worked in the medical oncology field.

Timothy Johnson, RT (T), is a graduate of Kent State Univeristy with a Bachelor Degree in Radiologic & Imaging Science with a concentration in radiation therapy. Tim also has an Associate Degree in Imaging from Kent State. Tim delivers radiation treatments acting as a liaison with the physicians and patients, preparing equipment, making immobilization and protective devices and assisting with simulations.